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Sport can be your job or a fine hobby, as long as you use your brains in sports. Sport is good for your health, it relaxes … Sporting material must however be of good quality, it must be durable … Also here Finipur excels : we finish shoe soles for sport shoes; we take care of the anti-skid unerlayer of judo mats that are used as high as during the Olympic Games; we laminate glues onto substrates that are then further processed in sports' bags; we coat sports' bags, …

After a busy working day we all need some relaxation. Everybody has his favourite hobby. One of them is playing sport, and we play along in your game. Did you know that we produce the anti-skid mats for gymnastics and judo? Did you know that these are used during events such as the European and Word championships and even at the Olympic Games? Thanks to a in-depth knowledge of raw materials and its multifunctional machinery, Finipur can get you life on the move.

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abrasion resistance


adhesive layer






change shape or form

conductive treatment


dirt repellent

fire retardant

glossy / matte


insect repellent

moisture management


self adhesive

shear strength

stiffness and softness

tensile strength

thermo fixing



water repellent


wear resistance

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