Kiss roll coater

Lick roll or also kiss roll

  • A chromed roll turns into a fluid (can also be foaming) compound and by this the compound is transported towards the substrate to be coated that runs along the upper side of the turning roll. At the exit of the lick roll a knife is installed that will scrape off the superfluous coating from the fabric. The speed with which the fabric is introduced, the speed of the lick roll, their mutual contact pressure and surface area, the viscosity of the compounds, the positioning of the squeegee determine the final coating weight.
  • Using this technique, fluid or foaming coatings can be introduced upon a large range of substrates with as purpose to bring on a coating weight of 20 to 800 gr/m²
  • fitting carpets with a pre-coat or anti-skid, upholstery with fire-retardant finishings, hardening of filter materials, applications in agriculture and stock breeding, ...
  • max width 4m10 with dryer without stretcher (no chain)
  • max width 3m10 on a stretcher-dryer
Schemas Kiss roll coater