Multi-roller/Gravur-roller laminator

The starting point for this technique is an adhesive in solid form. This adhesive is heated in a heating or melting unit so that it turns into a liquid. It is then applied in liquid form directly to the material (such as woven materials, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, etc.). This adhesive can be supplied in a continuous form or in a blob form, which means that in the latter case, the amount of adhesive can be kept to a minimum. It is a fully controllable process whereby the adhesive can be spread very evenly over the substrate. The substrate itself is not heated which means it retains its properties and its physical characteristics do not change, such as stiffness, thickness ... The adhesives that are used ensure an extremely high bonding strength for all materials that are subjected to very high stresses in everyday use. These can be either thermoplastic or thermosetting adhesives. They are thus characterised by an extremely high thermal resistance. This technique is also perfectly suited to breathable applications on textiles or other membranes, for example breathable fabrics in the sports world. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions in a variety of sectors in cooperation with our customers and adhesive manufacturers. This machine has a maximum working width of 260cm.

Schemas Multiroller

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