Powder Scatter

We have several lamination lines at Finipur, which means that we can choose a particular machine or technique depending on the intended result. In one of these techniques, we work with a powder scatterer whereby a thermoplastic adhesive in the form of a powder is spread homogeneously on a substrate. In the next step, this carrier with the powder adhesive then passes through an infrared heating unit, which causes the powder to start to melt and take on a liquid form. A second layer can then be bonded to the first substrate and by applying pressure and cooling rollers these two layers will be glued onto each other. This enables us to glue felt or non-wovens to the underside of carpets in order to provide them with more volume and comfort. We can also laminate other different kinds of materials to each other in the same way. For some projects, we only apply a layer of adhesive to a carrier and our customer will then activate this adhesive with heat in their own production process so that they can glue something to this carrier. This machine has a maximum working width of 310cm.

Schemas Powder scatter