• definition: by means of heat (with or without glue), pressure and temperature gluing two of more substrates into one composite
  • possible materials: woven, nonwoven, fleeces, knitted fabrics, foams, films, …
  • added values are: gluing various layers into a composite with unique characteristics, making impermeable for fluids, flame-retardant, fluid-absorbent, insulating properties, adding thermo-flexible properties, adhesive glues, anti-skid, smoothness, improving skid-resistance and cutting performance, etc.
  • glues: we use powders, films and webs based upon polyolefins, polyesters, ethyl vinyl acetates, …
  • industries: interior and exterior textile, automotive, clothing, leisure, sport, medical, aeroplanes, shoes, …. All …
  • availability at Finipur : belt & flatbed laminate (max finishing width 3m40)

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