Calendering with belt

In belt calendering, a material is rotated between 2 rollers at a certain pressure, temperature and for a certain period of time. This gives the material additional added values such as smoothness, a fibre-free surface, a thinner substrate, stiffness, better tensile strength and less shrinkage. It also positively affects air and water permeability, as well as coating properties, especially when crushing foams, thermobonding and thermofixing.

Belt calendering is often used for fabrics, non-wovens, fleeces, knits, foams, etc. in a variety of industries such as indoor and outdoor textiles, construction, automotive, clothing, leisure, sports, medical, etc.

Finipur has a belt calender and a pressure roller calender with a maximum working width of 3 m 40 cm

Schemas Belt calender

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