You can use a flocking machine to coat a substrate with short fibres or flakes. The production process of flocking is often used to change or improve the appearance or feel of a certain type of material. This can be done in a number of ways. At Finipur, we have a flocking machine that uses the electrostatic method. The fibres are pressed onto a substrate at high speed after generating an electrical charge. Because the substrate has already been coated with an adhesive, the fibres are then embedded into the substrate and we create a uniform high-density flaked layer. There are already numerous applications or products where this technique is used, such as for furniture fabrics, doormats, floor coverings, cleaning cloths .... By flocking these types of materials, we give them a softer textile feel, which changes the way they feel and makes them more pleasant to the touch. Our flocking machine has a maximum working width of 160cm.

Schemas Flocking