Our solutions for eco textiles

Durable materials last longer and are less likely to need replacing. These could be completely new materials, but equally existing materials preserved by means of specific coatings. Our range therefore includes various treatments to make your fabrics or substrates washable, anti-bacterial, more hard-wearing, etc., and thus more eco-friendly.

Coated upholstery fabrics will repel dirt much better and be perfectly washable, allowing us to greatly extend the life of the finished product as well. This way, we all also create less waste.

Constant innovation makes our coatings increasingly eco-friendly, in particular without harmful substances (VOCs, for example), without metals or solvents and water-based.

For example, we completed a project whereby we applied a biocoating to a wall covering made of flax. Together with our partners, we have developed numerous treatments that are PFAS- and PFOS-free, and also halogen- and fluorine-free.

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