Our solutions for clothing and footwear

We do not weave, we do not dye, we do not sew, but we bring all these fields together for clothing and footwear manufacturers. We finish all their required fabrics to fix them or make them shrink-proof, waterproof, water-repellent, glossy (chintz look), smoother and softer. We can offer a solution for every possible application.

In terms of footwear, be it for walking, working, sport or leisure, we are a valuable intermediary in the production process. This includes ensuring comfort in shoe soles by means of foam coatings, guaranteeing freshness thanks to an anti-bacterial finish, ensuring waterproofing via film lamination, using PCM (phase-change material) technology for a warm or cool sensation of comfort, etc.

For a specific sportswear project, we provide targeted treatments leading to breathable and water-resistant protection for the sportswear, whether fully windproof or not.

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