Our solutions for interior and outdoor textiles and wall coverings

Manufacturers of home textiles, including upholstery fabrics, curtains, wall textiles, floor coverings, mattress textiles, etc., are facing ever-increasing demands for performance, durability, comfort and safety. Finipur can play an important role in this with specific treatments such as fire-retardant, softening, anti-bacterial or with laminating foams and felts, dusting, shearing and dirt-proofing.

We are also becoming more and more involved in outdoor projects whereby we have to take into account parameters such as weather, wind, rain, UV light, etc. Looking for an impermeable finish? Do you want to make a fabric easy to maintain, e.g. with a water-repellent finish? Is a fire standard required? Do various layers need to be interlinked… or something else? Today, Finipur already finishes a whole range of outdoor products such as seats, cushions, carpets, tarpaulins, curtains, etc.

We can also be of service for finishing all kinds of wood and grasses, bamboo, flax, reed, hemp, etc., as long as the materials are flexible and can be delivered in continuous form. For example, there are already applications in which bamboo is laminated to be made into tiles, and we can apply an anti-slip layer to flax carpets, coat hemp for automotive applications or finish flax for wood applications such as school chairs, benches, tables, seats, etc.

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