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In industry, technical textiles appear in many products, either as semi-finished products or as specific solutions in a particular production process. For example, at Finipur we are involved in the production of filters, for which we provide fabrics and substrates with an anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-pollen property.

We can also use various techniques and treatments to increase the conductivity of your material or improve its anti-static properties. We also provide industry with soundproofing solutions and strengthen or reinforce certain substrates with our various laminations.

We are also capable of treating the lightweight, laminated cladding material on wind turbine blades, where recycling and UV resistance are important factors.

We are also active in the development and treatment of microwave absorber panels for the construction of interference- and echo-free rooms.

We can also treat conveyor belts to obtain the appropriate and desired properties.

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